YouTube Studio announces new features for creators

YouTube Studio announces new features for creators
YouTube Studio

This week, YouTube Creator Insider released a video detailing several new features designed to empower creators with data and improve the viewer experience.

The first feature is Audience Segments, a new addition to the Audience Retention report within YouTube Studio analytics. This feature allows creators to compare viewer engagement for different audience groups. For instance, creators can compare how new viewers interact with their content versus returning viewers, or how subscribed viewers engage compared to non-subscribed viewers. This data can be crucial for creators who want to tailor their content strategy to resonate with specific audience segments and improve overall audience retention.

Next up is the ability to fully customize the "For You" shelf on a channel's homepage. Previously, the "For You" section automatically surfaced content based on an individual viewer's watch history. Now, creators have more control over this section and can choose what type of content to show and limit selections to videos uploaded within the last year. This allows creators to curate a more personalized experience for their viewers and potentially drive viewers towards specific content.

Finally, YouTube Studio is consolidating all video pre-check notifications into the central notification settings on mobile. Creators who upload videos will now be notified via mobile push notification when their pre-check process is complete. This eliminates the need to constantly check the status and frees creators to focus on other tasks. Creators can opt out of receiving these notifications at any time within the mobile app's settings.

These new features all aim to give creators more data and control over their YouTube channels, potentially improving audience engagement and the overall YouTube experience for both creators and viewers.

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