Acceptable Ads committee announces new acceptable ads criteria for mobile

Acceptable Ads Committee released a mobile-specific acceptable ads criteria, eyeo, maker of Adblock Plus, announced this month. Acceptable Ads Criteria are the standards that define which non-disruptive online advertisement formats are good enough for users with an adblocker. eyeo says that now it can improve the browsing experience of ad-blocking users on mobile devices.

The acceptable ads on mobile are small ads and large ads (native). The small ads (e.g. 6×1 banner and 1×1 tile ad without animations) are allowed to be placed anywhere on the mobile page, and the 6×1 banner (or smaller) are also allowed to be positioned as a sticky ad on the bottom of the screen. Other formats are not allowed to stick. Large ad types (e.g. “native” tile ads) are allowed to be placed under the primary content on any page.

Here the factors respondents found most important when judging ads, in the study commissioned by Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC):

According to eyeo, the independent Acceptable Ads Committee is a politically-neutral body of eleven stakeholders which includes publishers, digital rights organizations, academia, and consumer advocates. This committee reached consensus on the mobile-specific Acceptable Ads Criteria after nearly a year of research, feedback and deliberation. Two thousand ad-blocking users were surveyed to better understand the level of disruption caused by the most common formats of mobile advertising. From these results, the committee drafted criteria, which they shared with the ad-blocking community to collect additional user feedback.

eyeo says that will now work closely with its partners to enforce the updates to the Acceptable Ads Criteria.

“The Acceptable Ads Committee has done an outstanding job of identifying the need for mobile-specific criteria, and commissioning a large study to collect data among ad-blocking users,” said Job Plas, director of industry relations, eyeo. “The findings will be put into practice in the next major update to the Acceptable Ads criteria, which will benefit millions of mobile users worldwide.”

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