AdColony releases SDK 4 with support to the IAB Open Measurement Standard

AdColony yesterday announced the release of a new version of the SDK. The latest mobile ad software development kit (SDK), AdColony SDK 4, is bringing together AdColony’s video ad platform with its banner display and programmatic offerings into a single SDK. The new AdColony SDK 4 also supports the IAB Open Measurement Standard.

AdColony says that AdColony SDK 4 is the most significant upgrade since 2016. AdColony SDK 4 is available for Apple iOS, Google Android and Unity Engine and can be downloaded from the AdColony GitHub.

“Every integration and every app is unique,” said Vikas Gulati, AdColony’s head of global performance. “Sometimes display ads are the right choice, whether that be banner or full-screen interstitial, and we’re very excited to offer all the solutions mobile app developers might need to monetize effectively via a single integration.”

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