Adform launches a new bidding ready for first and second price auctions

Adform launches a new bidding ready for first and second price auctions

Adform this week launched Dynamic CPM (dCPM), a new bidding that optimizes on hybrid auctioning environments such as first, second and hybrid auctions. Dynamic CPM is for free, and advertisers need to apply via a beta. Dynamic CPM will send bid requests with the predicted minimal prices to win the auctions.

Adform says that now has a strategic approach of providing added control, refinement, and flexibility to advertisers. According to Adform, Dynamic CPM reviews billions of historical bids and related bid characteristics drawn from across the platform.

Adform’s Dynamic CPM algorithm is part of Odin, Adform’s AI. The algorithm is trained multiple times throughout the day using historical pricing and performance data collected for each domain, URL, placement, device, supply partner, user id, and assigned creative type leveraging data from across our integrated advertising platform.

Bolstered by the signals, Adform makes informed bids that maximize efficiency within the criteria set by a buyer.  Optimal is defined as the minimal price predicted to be sufficient to win a given auction. In addition, if the advertiser also chooses to optimize towards viewability or video completion rate, the final bid price will be adjusted by multiplying it by the probability of the display impression being viewable or the video impression being viewed to completion.

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