Adform launches their own Cross-Device Graph

Adform launches their own Cross-Device Graph

Adform this week launched a Cross-Device Graph done in-house. Before, Adform was relying on external partners. Adform says that advertisers without a cross-device solution in place attribute on average between 20-30% fewer conversions.

“While the majority of online advertising is still largely based on individual cookies and mobile identifiers, conversion rates and the effectiveness of frequency capping are already lagging where cross-device measurement isn’t being leveraged,” said Jochen Schlosser, Chief Strategy Officer, at Adform. “The number of Internet-enabled devices per user continues to increase, and the complexity of individual ID graphs is constantly growing more complex. Adform Cross-Device is an essential tool for bringing order and plays a central role in ensuring that users are not bombarded with irrelevant ads. For advertisers, this also means reduced budget wastage and more specific messaging control.”

According to Adform, with a Cross-Device solution, advertisers can reduce ad waste and user fatigue, communicate with people-based targeting, target users across multiple devices, improve performance metrics, identify and engage with relevant prospects, capture more data for better algorithmic performance, support informed decisioning for top performing media and buying channels, recognize and capture all opportunities, not a mixture of fragments, rapidly optimize conversion rates to reduce the risk of overspend or wastage.

Adform Cross-Device currently identifies an average of 3.2 different devices for around 70 percent of all unique cookies, i.e. per user. Adform says that the number of networked devices per person will continue to climb, reaching between 9-10 devices by 2025.

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