AdMetv joins DPAA

AdMetv joins DPAA

DPAA this week announced AdMetv has joined its membership ranks. DPAA is a global, out-of-home marketing association. AdMetv is a place-based DOOH advertising IoT device solution that lights up “passive” (non-revenue generating) screens to generate ad revenue and gather data from engaged consumers.

AdMetv has developed a place-based technology solution, PANDA (Programmatic Advertising Network Delivery Appliance), that enables almost any screen to connect to the internet and deliver ad messages and content, while continuously gathering consumer data.

“AdMetv represents a great opportunity for venues to turn passive TV screens into revenue-generating devices that enable advertisers to target specific locations and audiences. They are adding another layer onto out-of-home’s digital presence, and a great opportunity for brands,” said Barry Frey, DPAA President & CEO.

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