AdSense phases out ad types and ad styles

AdSense phases out ad types and ad styles

Google this week announced that is phasing out text-only and display-only ad units. The ads available will serve all ad types, not allowing publishers to choose anymore.

Google is also removing customization from the ads, deprecating text ad styles. Text ad styles enable publishers to choose the font and the colors of the ads.

In the announcement, Google says that from now on all ad units will be created Responsive by default to adjust to different screen sizes on mobile and desktop. Publishers that do need further customization, will still be able to create custom sized ad units.

Google is also removing the “If no ads available” option and by default all placements without ads will collapse or showing a blank space instead. Following the changes, Google is removing ad unit setting experiments, the experiments report from the Reports tab.

All ads will be asynchronous. Google is removing the synchronous ad code type.

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