Adslot Media says it charges typically less than half for Programmatic Guaranteed

Adslot Media this month announced that PG (programmatic guaranteed) eliminates the need to work with a demand-side platform (DSP), in turn removing buy-side fees and technology setup for buyers.

Instead, Adslot Media is asking for a single fee for the entire campaign, and Adslot says its platform typically costs less than half of what it does to run campaigns through other PG avenues in the marketplace.

“As first-party data continues to become more valuable for the media buying equation, PG solutions demonstrate these audience segments no longer need to be restricted to lower-value inventory found in PMPs or preferred deals,” added Charmagne Jacobs, vice president of global marketing at Adslot. “We’re seeing a growing appetite for true PG solutions from our brand, agency and publisher partners who are looking to access premium inventory and priority placements, while simultaneously achieving media and operational efficiency.”

Adslot Media ran a campaign with Greenlight, where achieved a 467% increase in ROI when assessing effective cost per mille (eCPM) compared against private market place (PMP) campaigns. Adslot Media claims 57% decrease in cost per actions (CPAs) from its PMP campaigns, 79% decrease in eCPMS when compared to its PMP campaigns, and 60% reduction in time spent on operational tasks.

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