AdStage now available on Google Sheets

AdStage this week launched a new product that brings the cross-channel advertising data into Google Sheets, starting at only $29/month. Google Sheets Add-on enables any marketer to get the cross-channel paid search, paid social, and web analytics data into Google Sheets with a single query.

AdStage says is already running over $4 billion in ad spend through its platform. AdStage also announced this week that has eliminated the annual contract requirements so all products are now available month-to-month.

AdStage for Google Sheets has unlimited users, unlimited accounts, and a 14-day free trial.

“We are using AdStage for Google Sheets to combine cost and campaign performance data for the entire company to consume and work with. Without any integration work, we were able to aggregate all of our publisher accounts and blend complex cross-channel data into a single sheet,” says Arndt Voges, Head of Growth at Peerspace. “Not only does AdStage’s affordable solution save me valuable time, it’s also magical that we don’t have to introduce yet another tool to the team at Peerspace – instead the team can keep working in Google Sheets, which they know and love.”