Adverty (In-Play Ads) integrates PubMatic as preferred Private Marketplace partner

Adverty (In-Play Ads) integrates PubMatic as preferred Private Marketplace partner
In-Play Ads

PubMatic this week announced a partnership with Adverty. PubMatic will serve as Adverty's preferred Private Marketplace (PMP) partner on a global scale. This will allow Adverty to tap into PubMatic's extensive network of advertisers and leverage PubMatic's sell-side targeting capabilities.

Accordin to PubMatic, by leveraging PubMatic's header bidding capabilities, Adverty can optimize ad delivery, reducing latency and ensuring a seamless gaming experience for users while maximizing revenue for publishers.

Adverty and PubMatic will work collaboratively to explore new technologies and formats, staying at the forefront of industry trends.

"We are thrilled to announce PubMatic as our preferred PMP partner globally," said Jonas Söderqvist, CEO at Adverty. "This collaboration strengthens our ability to deliver impactful in-game advertising solutions on a global scale, providing advertisers with unparalleled reach and precision."

This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of In-Play advertising, as Adverty and PubMatic deepen their partnership to drive innovation, expand global reach, and deliver unparalleled value to advertisers, publishers, and gamers alike.

Adverty is an in-game ad platform that delivers spectacular In-Play™ ads to connect brands and people. It is a technology built for VR/AR and mobile games.

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