Amazon Ads enhances Account Management with nested manager accounts

Amazon Ads enhances Account Management with nested manager accounts

Amazon Ads last month announced an update to its account structure for advertisers and partners. This new feature allows for the creation of "nested" or "multi-level" Manager Accounts (MAs), addressing the needs of complex organizations with multiple advertising teams.

Large advertisers and agencies often manage advertising campaigns across various teams and regions. This can lead to a proliferation of individual MAs, making it difficult to gain a holistic view of campaign performance and manage access control efficiently.

Nested MAs provide a solution by enabling advertisers and partners to link multiple MAs under a single, parent MA. According to marketing experts, a well-organized account structure is crucial for effective campaign management and reporting. This new feature allows for the creation of a hierarchical structure that reflects an organization's specific needs. For instance, MAs can be nested based on operating companies, geographies, business units, or any other relevant category.

Benefits of nested MAs

  • Centralized View: By linking MAs, advertisers and partners can view all advertising accounts under their organization's management in one place. This provides a holistic view of campaign performance across different teams and initiatives.
  • Data Security and Access Control: Nested MAs allow for data separation between different buying teams. This ensures that users only have access to data relevant to their specific roles, addressing security concerns. Additionally, advertisers can invite team members to specific levels within the organizational structure, granting them access only to the accounts they need to manage.
  • Simplified Reporting: Aggregate reports can be generated from the parent MA, providing insights into overall campaign performance across the entire organization. This eliminates the need to gather data from multiple individual accounts.
  • Streamlined User Management: Users with access to the parent MA can manage user access across all nested levels, leveraging existing features within the Amazon Ads console.

Availability and access

Nested MAs are currently available to advertisers (vendors, sellers, authors, etc.) and Amazon Ads partners (agencies, third-party tool providers) in a wide range of regions across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

The linking process can be completed through the Amazon Ads console or programmatically via the Amazon Ads API, providing flexibility for advertisers and partners.

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