Amazon Advertising launches a Partner Network program for agencies

Amazon Advertising Partner Network is a program that helps agencies and tool providers deliver results for advertisers.

Amazon Advertising launches a Partner Network program for agencies

Amazon Advertising last week launched a Partner Network program, a community of agencies and tools that help advertisers with Amazon Advertising products.

Amazon Advertising partners can earn advanced partner status, which qualifies them for added benefits, including access to select beta programs and tailored training on campaign strategies and new product releases. Amazon says partners will also be able to showcase their expertise and partner status through a listing in the newly enhanced global Amazon Advertising partner directory, to be launched soon.

From their Partner Network accounts, partners can link their employee accounts, register for the Amazon Advertising API, and access the campaign manager tools in a single hub.

Amazon says Partner Network helps agencies and tool providers deliver results for mutual advertising customers.

“We’re thrilled to continue working closely with agencies and tool providers to help them better serve our mutual customers and grow their businesses. We’ve listened closely to partner feedback and have worked hard to build an experience that better meets their needs. The Partner Network and its range of resources is our first step towards helping partners scale their expertise and solutions across all of our advertising products. We’ll continue collaborating with partners to help them meet advertisers’ business goals, and we’re excited by what’s yet to come,” said Aby Angilivelil, Director of Partner Development, Amazon Advertising.

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