Amazon Brand Stores get granular: new metrics offer deeper customer insights

Amazon Brand Stores get granular: new metrics offer deeper customer insights
Amazon Brand Store performance

Amazon Advertising this month unveiled a trio of new metrics designed to empower brands with a deeper understanding of their Brand Store performance. These metrics, now available on the Brand Stores Insights dashboard, provide valuable insights into customer engagement and store effectiveness.

The newly introduced metrics include:

  • Average Bounce Rate: This metric reveals the percentage of visitors who leave your Brand Store without taking any action, such as clicking on a product or navigating to another page.
  • Average Dwell Time: This metric indicates the average amount of time visitors spend browsing your Brand Store and its individual pages.
  • New-to-Store Visitors: This metric identifies the number of unique visitors who are encountering your Brand Store for the first time.

Understanding Customer Behavior for Optimized Performance:

These new metrics offer crucial insights into how customers interact with your Brand Store. By analyzing bounce rate, dwell time, and new visitor data, brands can gain valuable knowledge about:

  • Content effectiveness: High bounce rates might indicate that certain store elements are not engaging visitors, prompting content revisions.
  • Customer engagement: Analyzing dwell time across different pages can help identify areas that capture visitor attention and those that need improvement.
  • Brand reach: Tracking new visitors provides insights into the effectiveness of attracting new audiences to your Brand Store.

Accessibility and Availability:

The new metrics are accessible to a wide range of users, including:

  • Managed service accounts
  • Self-service accounts
  • Registered sellers
  • Vendors

These metrics can be accessed through the following channels:

  • Advertising console
  • Amazon Ads API

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