Amazon DSP Events Manager expands with MMP Integrations

Amazon DSP Events Manager expands with MMP Integrations
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Amazon DSP this week announced the expansion of its Events Manager beta program to include Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) integrations. This update allows advertisers to connect in-app conversion data from leading MMPs like Kochava, Adjust, and Singular directly to their Amazon DSP campaigns.

Launched at unBoxed 2023, Events Manager enables passing back conversions occurring outside the Amazon store, facilitating improved attribution and audience targeting. With MMP integrations, mobile app marketers now gain a comprehensive view of their app's conversion funnel across various platforms.

Key benefits of Events Manager with MMP integrations:

  • Comprehensive attribution: Track and attribute mobile app installs and in-app events regardless of their origin, offering a complete picture of campaign performance.
  • Detailed reporting: Access granular reports on ad spend, Amazon-attributed conversions, and MMP-attributed conversions, enabling data-driven campaign optimization.
  • Advanced audience creation: Utilize first-party app conversion signals to build highly targeted audiences based on specific app install or in-app event behaviors.
  • Machine learning optimization: Combine your unique audience segments with Amazon's machine learning capabilities to reach potential customers with high conversion potential.

Currently available in North and South America, Events Manager with MMP integrations caters to both managed service and self-service advertisers through the Amazon DSP platform. This beta program is slated for further expansion in 2024, providing enhanced flexibility and reach for mobile app marketers.

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