Amazon DSP makes Creative Approval easier with new features

Amazon DSP makes Creative Approval easier with new features
Amazon DSP Creative Pre-moderation guardrails

Amazon DSP today announced new enhancements to their "standard display creative" format, offering advertisers improved tools to create high-performing ads and navigate the approval process more efficiently.

Streamlined Workflow and Reduced Rejections:

  • Pre-moderation Guardrails: Powered by machine learning, these features identify potential policy violations within the platform, prompting early adjustments before submission. These real-time warnings help avoid delays and rejections.
  • Asset Picker: Seamlessly reuse previously uploaded assets across different ad programs, saving time and effort. This functionality paves the way for future expansion and transformation of existing assets.
  • Help Me Here: Integrated, context-sensitive support directly within the platform guides users through the workflow and answers questions quickly.

Performance and Efficiency Gains:

  • Since its launch, standard display creatives have doubled the average ad size used, boosting campaign delivery.
  • Impressions per creative increased by 10x, while time to create a campaign with the same reach has been reduced by 11x.
  • Recent enhancements are expected to further decrease creative rejection rates and creation time across all templates.


  • Regions: North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific
  • User Access: Managed Service and Self-Service
  • Platform: Amazon DSP

With these improvements, Amazon DSP aims to empower advertisers with a more intuitive and efficient creative management experience, ultimately leading to stronger campaign performance.

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