Amazon expands AMC capabilities with Sponsored TV signals

Amazon expands AMC capabilities with Sponsored TV signals
Path to Conversion report in AMC

Amazon last month announced the integration of Sponsored TV signals into its Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). This update grants advertisers in-depth insights into their Sponsored TV campaigns, empowering them to optimize their streaming TV advertising strategies.

The addition of Sponsored TV signals to AMC offers advantages for advertisers:

  • Granular Insights: Advertisers can now meticulously analyze event-level metrics for their Sponsored TV campaigns, gaining a clearer understanding of how these ads drive customer actions.
  • Cross-Media Attribution: Analyze the full impact of Sponsored TV alongside other Amazon advertising channels (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon DSP) within a unified platform.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Track customer interactions across a 12.5-month period, uncovering the full path to conversion fueled by streaming TV advertising.

Unlocking New Possibilities

With Sponsored TV signals in AMC, advertisers can:

  • Assess Conversion Pathways: Determine how Sponsored TV campaigns interact with other marketing touchpoints to influence purchase decisions.
  • Maximize Incremental Reach: Measure and optimize the incremental reach of Sponsored TV, identifying potential overlaps with other channels.
  • Refine Attribution: Develop sophisticated attribution models that attribute conversions and sales accurately to Sponsored TV and other sponsored ad activities.

Sponsored TV signals are immediately available to AMC-registered advertisers running Sponsored TV campaigns in the United States. Data can be accessed directly within the AMC web interface or via the AMC API.

Amazon Marketing Cloud is an analytics solution enabling advertisers to measure the impact of their marketing activities across Amazon's various platforms and other media channels. AMC provides the data and tools necessary for sophisticated attribution modeling and audience insights.

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