Google updates Google Ads Editor introducing image extensions

Google updates Google Ads Editor introducing image extensions

Google this month updated Google Ads Editor into version 1.5. According to Google, version 1.5 includes support for additional recommendations, image extensions, new tools to improve the ad strength.

Google Ads Editor is a tool from Google Ads that enables advertisers to manage their Google Ads campaigns via a downloadable application. In Google Ads Editor, advertisers bulk editing their campaigns.

Google says that version 1.5 of Google Ads Editor enables advertisers to review the ad strength in a new column in line with your ads. Google also introduced additional recommendation types in Google Ads Editor, like recommendations to improve the responsive search ads.

Google Ads Editor now also supports image extensions, making it possible for advertisers to expand their ads with additional information like call buttons, location information, and website links.

Features included in Google Ads Editor v1.5

  • Filter by account, campaigns, ad groups, or all items with the same label
  • Filter by label
  • Shortcut to jump to previous type
  • Improved messages for account limit errors
  • Update to statistics columns
  • Check ad strength for responsive search ads
  • Check ad strength for responsive display ads
  • Detailed recommendations
  • Merchant feed for App campaigns
  • Dynamic ads feed
  • Tips for new users
  • App pre-registration campaigns
  • Business name for Local ads

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