Amazon launches Alexa Kid Skills in Germany and in the UK

Alexa, as of today, is supporting kid skills in the UK and Germany, Amazon announced today. According to Max Amordeluso, EU Lead Evangelist at Amazon, “developers can now create fun and educational experiences for kids under the age of 16 using the UK and German Alexa Skills Kits.”

How Kid Skills work on Alexa?

Parents can turn on kid skills using the Alexa app. When a parent enables a kid skill for the first time, Alexa will ask the parent to turn on access to all kid skills by following the steps in the Alexa app. Like with any other Alexa skill, parents will still need to enable each kid skill separately. Parents can turn off all kid skills at any time with the Settings menu of their Alexa app. When turned off, kid skills cannot be used on the parent’s account.

Here are some examples of the kid skills available today, in Germany and in the UK: Bibis Welt (quiz), Affenbeste Freunde (goodnight stories), Radio Teddy (kid radio), Moshi Twilight (bedtime stories), Lego Duplo Stories (kid stories), and Beano (quiz).

What are the 6 voice design principles to build kid skills?

Consider the age range you want to reach; Foster curiosity and exploration; Guide kids through the interactions; Include memorable moments; Deliver fresh content.