Amazon launches an app submission API for Amazon Appstore

Amazon launches an app submission API for Amazon Appstore
Amazon Appstore

Amazon this week announced the launch of the app submission API, a RESTful API that enables developers to manage the app catalog by programmatically updating the existing apps on the Amazon Appstore.

The API can be used to automate the submission of new app versions or streamline frequently performed operations, like uploading images or updating APK versions.

Amazon says that with the app submission API, developers can add new APKs (or update versions of existing APKs), image and video assets, Fire TV assets, and app metadata. Developers can also add, remove, or modify app descriptions for each of your supported locales and update device targeting. All edits made through the API are also instantaneously reflected in the developer console. Developers can either commit these edits using the API or review the changes and submit the app through the UI. Changes to content rating, DRM, and pricing and availability are not allowed through the API.

Amazon says that implementations on submission API for the Google Play store are similar with the Amazon Appstore app submission API. The differences are: In Amazon Appstore when developers open edits, the console stays in sync. In addition to this, Amazon have additional API calls for device targeting which are not required in the Google Play store console.

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