Amazon launches Boost feature for posts

Amazon launches Boost feature for posts

Amazon last month announced a new feature designed to streamline brand building for advertisers on its platform. This update integrates Amazon Posts, a free organic content creation tool, with Sponsored Brands ads, a pay-per-click advertising solution.

The new "Boost" feature, located within the Post Manager of the Amazon Advertising Console, allows advertisers to seamlessly convert their top-performing image and vertical video Posts into Sponsored Brand ads with just a single click. This simplifies the process of leveraging high-performing organic content for paid advertising campaigns.

Clicking the "Boost" button conveniently deep links advertisers directly to the Sponsored Brand campaign builder interface. Furthermore, during the boost process, the creative component section is automatically populated with the chosen Post's content, saving advertisers valuable time and effort.

This integration offers several benefits for brands on Amazon. Advertisers can utilize Posts to build brand awareness organically, identify content that resonates with their target audience, and then leverage that high-performing content within paid Sponsored Brand campaigns. Additionally, Amazon's integration of generative AI technology streamlines the process by automatically upscaling images that may not meet the resolution requirements for Sponsored Brand product collection ads. This ensures a wider range of existing Post creatives can be readily boosted into paid campaigns.

The "Boost" feature is currently available to advertisers in North America (United States) and can be utilized by all Amazon advertising accounts, including vendors, registered sellers, managed service providers, self-service sellers, and authors. Accessing the feature is straightforward; advertisers can simply navigate to the Posts manager within the advertising console and click the "Boost" button next to a chosen Post. This action directs them to the Sponsored Brands campaign builder where they can finalize campaign settings and launch their boosted ad campaign.

The introduction of the "Boost" feature represents a significant step forward for brand building on Amazon. This integration empowers advertisers to leverage the organic reach of Posts alongside the targeted reach of Sponsored Brands ads, creating a more holistic and data-driven brand building strategy. By simplifying campaign creation, incorporating AI-powered image optimization, and offering broader creative flexibility, Amazon's "Boost" feature equips brands with valuable tools to enhance their presence and connect with potential customers on the Amazon marketplace.

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