Amazon makes Vertical Video Ads available for Sponsored Brands Campaigns

Amazon makes Vertical Video Ads available for Sponsored Brands Campaigns
Vertical Video Ads Available for Sponsored Brands Campaigns

Advertisers using Amazon's Sponsored Brands can now leverage the power of vertical video to promote their brands and products, Amazon this week announced.

This new feature allows the creation of engaging video campaigns specifically designed for mobile viewing, increasing reach and potential customer engagement.

What's new:

  • Advertisers can create vertical video campaigns with their Amazon Store as the landing page.
  • Two distinct campaign goals are available:
    • Drive page visits: Highlight a collection of one, two, or three specific advertised products.
    • Grow brand impression share: Build brand awareness with or without featuring specific products.
  • Customers clicking on advertised products within the video will be directed to the product detail page, while clicks on other elements lead to the advertiser's Amazon Store.
  • Vertical video creatives can be uploaded directly within the advertising console.
  • Existing vertical assets used on social media platforms can be repurposed for these campaigns.

Benefits for advertisers

  • Increased engagement: Vertical video aligns perfectly with mobile viewing habits, potentially capturing customer attention for longer durations.
  • Enhanced storytelling: Vertical formats lend themselves well to user-generated content and create an authentic, organic feel.
  • Brand awareness and discovery: Reach new audiences and showcase brand identity.
  • Creative flexibility: Repurpose existing video assets while exploring new ad formats specifically designed for the Amazon platform.


  • This feature is currently available in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.
  • It is accessible to all Sponsored Brands users, including managed service, self-service, registered sellers, vendors, and authors.
  • Access is available through both the advertising console and the Amazon Ads API.

Amazon's Sponsored Brands campaigns are a type of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solution designed to help businesses and brands increase brand awareness and promote their products on the Amazon platform.

They are distinct from other Amazon ad formats like Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display which primarily focus on individual product promotion. Amazon's Sponsored Brands ads are made to drive brand discovery and product consideration.

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