Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) now offers deeper insights with offline sales data

Amazon Ads this month announced an upgrade to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) with the introduction of NCS CPG Insights Stream.

Amazon Marketing Cloud
Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Ads this month announced an upgrade to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) with the introduction of NCS CPG Insights Stream. This new paid feature provides advertisers with access to modeled offline transaction signals for all US households.

Traditionally, advertiser measurement has focused on online interactions, such as website visits and ad clicks. However, this approach can leave a significant gap in understanding the complete customer journey. Many consumers might see an ad online but ultimately make a purchase in a physical store.

The NCS CPG Insights Stream aims to bridge this gap by providing advertisers with insights into offline sales that can be potentially attributed to their online advertising efforts. According to a study by Forrester, up to 72% of US retail sales still happen in brick-and-mortar stores. By incorporating offline sales data, advertisers gain a more holistic view of their marketing effectiveness and can optimize campaigns for better results.

The NCS CPG Insights Stream leverages anonymized purchase data from a vast network of grocery stores, drugstores, and mass merchants across the United States. This data is then statistically modeled to provide advertisers with insights into offline sales for all US households.

Benefits for advertisers

The ability to measure offline sales alongside online metrics offers several key benefits for advertisers:

Measure True Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): By including offline sales data, advertisers can get a more accurate picture of the total revenue generated by their advertising campaigns. This allows for a more comprehensive calculation of ROAS, a crucial metric for campaign optimization.

Optimize Ad Targeting: Understanding which demographics and audiences are more likely to convert online or offline allows advertisers to refine their targeting strategies. This can help them reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Identify Cross-Channel Customer Journeys: Insights into the online-to-offline customer journey can help advertisers understand how their online advertising efforts influence offline sales. This knowledge can be used to develop more cohesive marketing strategies across different channels.

A growing trend in marketing measurement

The inclusion of offline sales data in marketing measurement reflects a growing trend in the industry. As marketers strive for a more holistic understanding of customer behavior, the ability to connect online and offline interactions is becoming increasingly important.

The NCS CPG Insights Stream is a subscription-based service available within the AMC platform. Advertisers can choose to subscribe to data for specific product categories relevant to their business. This allows for a more customized and cost-effective approach to incorporating offline sales data.

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