Amazon not charging a supply fee on APS when inventory is bought via Amazon DSP

Amazon advertiser customers to secure 10% lower clearing prices.

Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising

Amazon last week disclosed that is not carrying a supply fee on Amazon Publisher Services (APS), when advertisers buy the impressions via Amazon DSP. Amazon says this helps Amazon Advertiser customers to secure 10% lower clearing prices versus accessing the same publishers through third-party exchanges.

According to Amazon, Amazon Publisher Services (APS) was launched in 2016, and is integrated in several publishers globally via header bidding. Amazon says APS includes tens of thousands of websites and mobile apps throughout North America, Europe, and Japan.

Amazon also says that buyers that use Amazon Publisher Services (APS) as exchange are seeing a 25% increase in average viewable rates compared to the same sites and apps on third-party exchanges.

According to Amazon, APS is now the largest supply source for Amazon DSP based on total spend and impression volume worldwide.

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