AMPHTML creatives now available in DV360

AMPHTML creatives now available in DV360
AMPHTML creatives

Google last week announced the introduction of AMPHTML creatives in DV360. Creatives can be built in Google Web Designer or in any HTML editor. AMPHTML creatives contain a form of HTML that helps make fast loading creatives.

According to Google, “AMPHTML ads enable delivery of faster, lighter and more secure ad experiences for mobile web by applying the principles of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to building and serving ads.” Since this month, AMPHTML creatives are now supported as an HTML creative type in Display & Video 360.

AMPHTML creatives only serve on AMP page inventory via Ad Manager. No special line item targeting is needed.

Google last month announced that 12% of all display ads served by Google are now AMP ads.

Want to know what is AMP? See this article in the AMP version, or find more about here.

How to report the performance of AMPHTML ads?

In DV360 advertisers have 2 dimensions on general report about AMPHTML ads. The dimensions are Creative Rendered in AMP – Whether a creative was rendered in AMP for a given impression – and AMP Page Request – Whether the given impression was served on an AMP webpage.

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