ANA Programmatic Media Study Reveals Transparency Challenges in Digital Advertising

ANA Programmatic Media Study Reveals Transparency Challenges in Digital Advertising
ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Report

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), a global certification program dedicated to enhancing safety and transparency in digital advertising, has today unveiled the conclusive findings of the ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Report today.

Serving as the data partner for this comprehensive study, TAG TrustNet, the digital advertising industry's sole end-to-end transparency solution, provided in-depth log-level data and analysis.

TAG's CEO, Mike Zaneis, emphasized the significance of the report's insights, stating, "The ANA transparency report highlights the perils of a 'garbage in, garbage out' approach to transparency for marketers in which they lack log-level data across all of their downstream partners."

According to the report, only 36% of post-transaction programmatic budgets are allocated to valid, viewable, measurable, and non-MFA (Malicious Fraud Activity) impressions. This revelation underscores the substantial advantages awaiting marketers who transition their partnerships to a transparency framework such as TAG TrustNet.

Zaneis elaborated on the potential benefits, noting, "by driving adoption of an industry-wide framework for log-level data, marketers can regain control over their investments and understand exactly where their money is going."

The implementation of such a framework provides a single, accurate view of all impression data, allowing brands to assess their performance against crucial metrics, including ROI, price vs. quality, brand safety, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

TAG's "Certified for Transparency" Program plays a pivotal role in establishing a "shared truth" on campaign data across the supply chain. Participants in this program gain increased confidence and control, fostering transparency and accountability among buyers and sellers. To receive the "Certified for Transparency" seal, participants must engage in a TAG-recognized transparency utility capable of creating a trusted record for transactions through real-time reconciliation and sharing of advertising log files with marketers. This commitment aims to enhance the value of inventory for sellers and empower advertisers with greater control over their programmatic campaigns.

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