App developers are considering the shift from waterfall to real-time unified auctions

Fyber last month released the 2019 State of In-App Advertising and Monetization survey results, where it found out that app developers are considering real-time unified auctions instead of the waterfall.

The research was conducted among 400 marketers and 400 app developers in the UK and US, and over three-quarters of app developers surveyed (77%) are already considering real-time unified auctions, and two-thirds (67%) of those surveyed think that real-time unified auctions represents the future of ad monetization.

“The industry is becoming fully aware of the benefits that app bidding can bring and how it can be a real game changer for the industry as a whole,” commented Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber. “This research shows that both marketers and app developers are shifting perceptions towards app bidding, favoring more transparent, fair, and accurate ways of trading in-app ad inventory. This is an opportunity for app developers to increase ROI and for buyers to stand on equal ground where they have a fair chance to compete with each impression, regardless of the buying mechanics and trading models in place.”

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