Apple delays the launch of the mandatory consent manager to 2021

Apple delays the launch of the mandatory consent manager to 2021
Apple Consent Manager

Apple today announced that is delaying the compulsory consent manager to early next year. The previous launch date for Apple’s consent manager was this year’s fall, included on the iOS 14 release.

Apple’s compulsory consent manager enables the use of the IDFA. Without the consent and without the IDFA, publishers and advertisers on app environment lose the ID that enables them to do retargeting, frequency, and ad personalization. Attribution also gets impacted with the SKAdNetwork.

Google already updated their GMA SDK, and told app publishers to prepare for the iOS 14. The image above is from Google.

Facebook is the tech company more affected with the lack of IDFAs. Facebook said that the Audience Network could be discontinued for iOS 14 as it becomes ineffective without the IDFA. Facebook told advertisers they would need new ad accounts to run app install ads in iOS 14, also due to the lack of the IDFA.

See here how will iOS 14 impact Facebook ad business. There is one place where Facebook doesn’t need IDFA: on their own apps, where all users are logged in. Facebook stated that it will stop using the IDFA on their own apps.

IDFA means IDentifier For Advertisers, and is a random device identifier assigned by Apple to a user’s device. The id is used by advertisers for attribution, retargeting, ad personalization, frequency, and measurement.

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