AppNexus not seeking MRC re-accreditation discontinuing considerable fee payment

MRC just revoked the accreditation from AppNexus. According to the Media Rating Council Accreditation Updates, January through March 2018, AppNexus accreditation was “revoked for all previously accredited metrics (Desktop Display Served and Viewable Ad Impressions and related viewability metrics); AppNexus has withdrawn from the accreditation process.”

AppNexus informed MRC that is discontinuing the “considerable fee payment” associated with the accreditation of the full platform. Instead will only pursue the accreditation of the AppNexus Publisher Adserver.

AppNexus’ Director of Communications, Madeleine Kennedy, told Marketing Land that “given AppNexus integrations with third-party verification services, that already have MRC accreditation, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Meetrics, and MOAT, the process is unnecessarily duplicative both in both cost and effort.”

“AppNexus primary DSP competitors, including MediaMath, The Trade Desk, Google DBM, and DataXu, appear to have made a similar calculation. We plan to work on a separate track to secure MRC accreditation for the AppNexus Publisher Adserver,” said AppNexus.

AppNexus is working with third-party verification services in order to detect ad fraud and refund advertisers since this month.