AppNexus Programmable Platform (AAP) enters on Open Beta for advertisers

Last Thursday, February 15, the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP) entered on Open Beta. All customers in the Open Beta gained the ability to create an Augmented Line Item. The Augmented Line Item offers access to a number of new features AppNexus has been working on the past year, including Programmable Splits, the latest advancements in optimization technology, and Appnexus new approach to managing inventory and brand safety (which is called Universal Inventory Targeting, or UIT).

According to AppNexus, “APP comes with built-in optimization that can quickly hit your goals on common KPIs like CPC, Viewable CPM, and post-click CPA. Advertisers can also use first-party data to fully customize each campaign’s target audience and bidding strategy – without having to learn how to code. Simplified media buying and automated workflows.”

Here a video about AAP

AppNexus says will continue to work very closely with APP users (via a Trader Slack community) to understand what’s working well over the coming weeks, and what could be better.

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