AppsFlyer launches Xpend, a new cost aggregation product

AppsFlyer launches Xpend, a new cost aggregation product

AppsFlyer last week announced the launch of Xpend, a new cost aggregation product supporting schema and data mapping. AppsFlyer says Xpend will alleviate the pain points marketers face due to fragmented cost data.

Xpend is integrated with more than 60 APIs, including Facebook, Google, AppLovin, and recently added Twitter & Tencent Marketing Solutions.

“Over the past few years, we’ve worked with thousands of customers and partners measuring tens of billions of dollars in ad spend through our cost aggregation product. Everything we learned was used to create its next generation - Xpend,” said Gal Brill, General Manager - ROI360, AppsFlyer. “We see this product as part of a holistic approach to help our advertisers and partners keep their marketing stack working seamlessly. Providing aggregate cost data via APIs has become more important than ever before.”

According to AppsFlyer, Xpend provides marketers a way to access all cost data and streamline it into an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process, which aligns various schema of data into a single model that makes the data easy to aggregate, analyze, and optimize.

“Data is limitless and keeping track of everything can be a marketer’s worst nightmare. There are hundreds of channels and ad networks, multiple sources that have tens of thousands of campaigns and millions of keywords and creatives,” said Brian Quinn, US President and General Manager, AppsFlyer. “The addition of currencies creates an overwhelming amount of information that needs to be tackled in an efficient way. Xpend pulls all this data into one place, seamlessly tying attribution and cost under one roof.

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