ASOdesk raises $1M of funding from Embria

ASOdesk raises $1M of funding from Embria

ASOdesk last month announced it has raised $1M round of funding from Embria. ASOdesk helps developers to make their mobile apps more discoverable in iOS and Android app stores. Known clients are ABBYY, Yandex, OneTwoTrip, LovePlanet, Zimad, Kaspersky, among others.

ASOdesk says it is now used by over 25,000 mobile app developers from 80 countries. ASOdesk provides tools for App Store Optimization (ASO), competitor Insights, app monitoring, and store analytics.

“For four years we were living off our own funds exclusively and now ASOdesk is a mature business, with a well-formed process, business model, strong team, and quality product. But by mid-2019 we realized that we have almost reached the limit of the CIS market and need an investor for growth acceleration and worldwide expansion,” said the co-founder & CEO Sergey Sharov.

Founded in 2016, ASOdesk is a Moscow-based company, that started in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, in a thesis project.

ASOdesk says the new fundion will be used for active product growth in 2020, team growth, as well as for expansion to Europe and retaining the positions in the CIS market.

“Embria has become the perfect partner for us. Besides the required sum, we also received a mentor with relevant experience both in App Business (Playkot, Belka Games, Fotostrana, Wachanga) and in B2B (Propeller Ads, HypeAuditor)” said Sergey Sharov.

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