Audio: Futuri Media launches Futuri Ad Network

Futuri Media this month announced a new streaming ad sales network and suite of ad insertion and monetization. The Futuri Ad Network enables broadcasters to monetize their digital content seamlessly by leveraging Futuri’s national ad sales resources.

Futuri Media’s audience engagement and sales technology, for which it holds 11 published or pending patents in 151 countries, is used by thousands of broadcasters and publishers worldwide.

Clients of Futuri Streaming and POST, Futuri’s on-demand audio platform, will now have three new options for monetizing their audio content:

  • 100% turnkey: The new Futuri Ad Network sells audio and video pre-roll and mid-roll inventory and pays publishers their share of network ad revenue.
  • Managed ad ops: Broadcasters can submit pre-roll and mid-roll insertion orders, which always have first priority. Start orders are managed for the station, reducing the workload at the station. Any unsold inventory is monetized through the Futuri Ad Network.
  • Self-serve ad ops: Broadcasters can sell and traffic all of their inventory directly.

“Futuri’s broadcast partners create high-quality content every day. The audio and video streaming ad market are growing, and we feel it’s more important than ever to be an advocate for our partners in matching their content with revenue opportunities. The Futuri Ad Network provides flexible, turnkey options for broadcasters to generate digital revenue with their existing content, no matter how they’re staffed or what their immediate needs are,” said Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig. “We’re excited to provide yet another way for our partners to use Futuri’s SaaS technology solutions to drive revenue growth in 2018 and beyond.”