Average Position

On Google Ads, Average Position doesn't show where the ad appears on the page. Instead, average position reflects the order that your ad appears versus the other ads in the ad auction, Julien Jacquet, Product Manager at Google Ads wrote yesterday.

Google explains that as a result, an ad position of "1" means that the ad shows ahead of all other ads, but it doesn't mean the ad was at the very top of the page.

Sometimes no ads are displayed above the organic search results so the ad with a position of “1” appears at the bottom of the page.

On Google Ads, the highest position is "1," and according to Google, there is no "bottom" position. An average position of 1-8 is generally on the first page of search results, 9-16 is generally on the second page, and so on.

Average positions can be between two whole numbers. For example, an average position of "1.7" means that your ad usually appears in positions 1 or 2.

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