BigQuery adds direct support for Facebook Ads

BigQuery adds direct support for Facebook Ads
BigQuery adds direct support for Facebook Ads

Google Cloud's BigQuery data warehouse last m integrated Facebook Ads, offering marketers a powerful new way to analyze and glean insights from their advertising campaigns.

This direct integration eliminates the need for third-party tools or manual code work, streamlining data flow and accessibility.

How Marketers Benefit

  • Deeper Insights: BigQuery's vast analytical capabilities open opportunities to go beyond the basic metrics provided within Facebook Ads Manager. Marketers can slice and dice data, identify trends, and build custom dashboards to truly understand what drives campaign performance.
  • Data Unification: By bringing Facebook Ads data into BigQuery, marketers can combine it with other data sources such as website analytics, CRM data, or sales figures. This enables a holistic view of customer journeys and campaign attribution across platforms.
  • Increased Efficiency: The simplified data transfer saves marketers time and effort. Automated, scheduled updates ensure data in BigQuery is always up-to-date for analysis.

Key Points From Google's Announcement

  • Integration is achieved through a simple authorization process, requiring a Facebook app ID, app secret, and a refresh token.
  • BigQuery automatically populates AdAccounts, AdInsights, and AdInsightsActions tables.

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