Bing removes sidebar text ads in the USA

Eugene Goldenshteyn, Product Marketing Manager at Bing, yesterday announced that Bing will not have any more ads on the sidebar since yesterday. This only affects the United States market for now, “with international markets testing to follow at a later time.”

Here the changes:

  • Text Ads will no longer be served on the sidebar, while Product Ads will continue to be served on the sidebar;
  • Bottom of the page (BOP) ads increase from 3 ads to 4 ads. Moreover, BOP ads allow for richer ad formats, which sidebar ads didn’t;
  • This change applies to the Bing SERP only. No impact for syndication partners including Yahoo and AOL.

Eugene says that furthermore, Bing is “planning to increase ad coverage on the bottom of SERP, which allow for richer ad formats, which sidebar ads didn’t, thus driving improved click-through rates.”