Brand Safety: Tremor Video DSP adopts ads.txt and integrates contextual/pre-bid targeting

Tremor Video DSP launched 3 brand safety measures that include the adoption of ads.txt, the integration of contextual targeting and pre-bid targeting, Tremor announced this week.

Tremor Video DSP describes the brand safety solutions as: Brand-Safe Delivery – Powered by contextual such as Grapeshot pre-bid brand safety verification, which uses machine learning. Real-Time Fraud Verification – Excluding fraudulent inventory in real-time through verification partners like DoubleVerify. Transparent Supply Chain – Includes a commitment to exclusively buy authorized inventory as per the IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt protocol.

Tremor Video DSP was also awarded with the Certified Against Fraud Seal for full compliance with Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Certified Against Fraud Program.

“Tremor Video DSP’s plan is a step toward us buying programmatic video with confidence – knowing that they are making efforts to ensure that we are engaging real people through an accountable platform,” said Sarah Baehr, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Horizon Media. “By attempting to cover all bases, and not just one, Tremor Video DSP has reinforced their ongoing commitment to providing a secure environment for the delivery of ads.”

In conjunction with launching its three-point brand protection plan, Tremor Video DSP has announced the hiring of Kristin Marchesiello, Esq. as the Associate General Counsel and Privacy Officer who will oversee all privacy related initiatives to further support compliance.

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