Bug affecting Doubleclick (DFP, DCM and DBM) cause ad impressions not being tracked or recorded

Yesterday, according to the Ads Status Dashboard, Google faced a bug on the buying side and seller side of programmatic, affecting DCM (Doubleclick Campaign Manager), DBM (Doubleclick Bid Manager), DFP (Doubleclick For Publishers) and DS (Doubleclick Search).

The bug in Doubleclick was solved on the same day – March 13 – and for a period, Doubleclick was not able to track and record some ad impressions, clicks and conversions.

Here the statement of Google for the event:
“Due to a bug in DoubleClick, we were unable to track and record some ad impressions, clicks and conversions for a period of time on March 13th (EDT). Some redirects also did not work as intended. For customers who link their DoubleClick and Google Analytics (or Google Analytics 360) accounts, impacted events were not recorded. To mitigate the issue, we briefly paused conversion tracking and automated bidding on DoubleClick Search, and some bidding on DoubleClick Bid Manager. We have fixed the bug and will continue to monitor over the coming days. We’re aware of a problem with DoubleClick Campaign Manager affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are able to access DoubleClick Campaign Manager, but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior.”

The issue also impacted DFP, but was fixed at the same time:
“Tracking signals are sometimes returning HTTP errors in Europe / in multiple regions. The Delivery > Creatives section of the DoubleClick for Publishers UI is inaccessible and will attempt to load before eventually throwing a generic error message. This includes the “All Creatives”, “DCM Campaigns”, “Needs Review”, “Creative Templates”, and “Creative Sets” sub-sections. Individual Line item-level creatives may still be accessible via the associated Line item.”

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