CairoRCS Media implements Magnite's Demand Manager Platform

CairoRCS Media, a large Italian media group, is now using Magnite's Demand Manager platform to streamline programmatic advertising efforts.

CairoRCS Media
CairoRCS Media

Magnite this month announced CairoRCS Media, one of Italy's largest communication groups, had chosen their Demand Manager platform to streamline programmatic advertising efforts. CairoRCS Media, headquartered in Milan, manages a vast media portfolio including renowned publications like Corriere della SeraGazzetta dello Sport, and La7, reaching over 30 million people.

Programmatic advertising refers to the automated buying and selling of online ad space. Magnite's Demand Manager platform is built on Prebid technology, which empowers publishers with tools and insights to maximize revenue from their display and video ad inventory.

Demand Manager offers an intuitive user interface that simplifies the management of wrappers, a key element in programmatic advertising. Wrappers are essentially software code snippets inserted into publisher webpages. They facilitate communication between the publisher's website and advertiser demand partners (advertisers or ad networks seeking to buy ad space).

Traditionally, managing wrappers can be a complex and time-consuming process for publishers. Magnite's platform streamlines this process by allowing publishers to deploy, analyze, and manage wrapper configurations without the need for additional development work.

Beyond simplified wrapper management, Demand Manager provides CairoRCS Media with valuable features designed to enhance programmatic revenue optimization. These features include:

  • A/B Testing with Machine Learning: This allows CairoRCS Media to test different programmatic configurations and identify the most effective ones for maximizing revenue. Machine learning algorithms analyze data to provide recommendations, further optimizing the testing process.
  • Microwrappers: These are smaller, more efficient versions of traditional wrappers. They can improve website loading times and potentially increase ad revenue by reducing the impact of wrapper code on webpage performance.

Both Magnite and CairoRCS Media see this collaboration as mutually beneficial. Mariano de Luca, Magnite's Revenue Lead for Italy, Spain, and MENA, expressed pride in being chosen by such a significant publisher. He emphasized Magnite's commitment to ongoing collaboration and continuous improvement of the Demand Manager platform based on insights gained from working with CairoRCS Media.

Davide Grillo, Yield Optimization and Programmatic Manager at CairoRCS Media, highlighted the publisher-centric design of Demand Manager's features. He noted that the platform's innovative and easy-to-use tools have reduced workload for his team and facilitated a more robust yield optimization strategy. Advanced reporting capabilities within Demand Manager allow for data-driven testing and optimization recommendations.

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