Canada Podcast Landscape: insights from Triton Digital's March 2024 Ranker

Canada Podcast Landscape: insights from Triton Digital's March 2024 Ranker
Canada Podcast Ranker

Triton Digital this week released its latest Canada Podcast Ranker for the March 2024 reporting period (February 26 - March 31, 2024). This data provides valuable insights for marketers looking to understand the Canadian podcast audience and optimize their strategies.

French-Language Podcasts: Familiar names dominated the top spots for French-language podcasts. Radio Canada's "Le Radiojournal" maintained its position at #1, followed by "Les chroniques de Pierre-Yves McSween" (Cogeco Media) at #2 and "Richard Martineau" (QUB) at #3.

English-Language Podcasts: CBC/Radio-Canada continued its strong showing in the English-language category, with "Front Burner," "The World This Hour," and "The Current" holding the top three positions for another month.

Top Overall Podcast: While the top spots for Canadian-produced podcasts remained consistent, the most downloaded podcast overall was once again "Dateline NBC" (NBCUniversal News Group).

Network Performance: SiriusXM Podcast Network retained its lead in the Top Networks Report with 3.6 million average weekly downloads, followed by Wondery Network (1.86 million) and CBC/Radio-Canada (1.58 million).

New Entrants: The March ranker saw several new podcast debuts, including "Three" (SiriusXM Podcast Network), "Shawn Ryan Show" (Cumulus Podcast Network), "SERIALously?!" (Audioboom), and "Dave & Chuck the Freak: Full Show" (Beasley Media Group). Notably, this month also welcomed three new sales networks to the Canada Podcast Ranker: Cumulus Podcast Network, Beasley Media Group, and Focus On the Family.

Benefits for marketers

The Canada Podcast Ranker offers valuable insights for marketers looking to leverage podcasts to reach their target audience. By understanding which podcasts are popular and which networks deliver high listenership, marketers can make informed decisions about where to place their advertising dollars.

Triton's Podcast Metrics measurement service, used to compile the Ranker, adheres to the IAB Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines (v2.1). This ensures consistent and reliable data, eliminating discrepancies caused by self-reported metrics. This transparency is crucial for marketers who need accurate information to make strategic decisions.

This information can be particularly useful for marketers in the following ways:

  • Identifying Popular Podcasts: Marketers can use the Ranker to identify podcasts that resonate with their target audience based on genre, network, or language.
  • Evaluating Network Performance: Understanding which networks deliver the most listeners helps marketers choose the best platforms for their advertising campaigns.
  • Tracking Trends: The Ranker allows marketers to track trends over time, identifying emerging podcasts and audience preferences.
  • Making Data-Driven Decisions: By leveraging the Ranker's insights, marketers can make data-driven decisions about their podcast advertising strategies.

Overall, the Canada Podcast Ranker from Triton Digital provides valuable insights into the Canadian podcast landscape, empowering marketers to make informed decisions and reach their target audience effectively.

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