Captify launches TV Search Lift offering for CTV Advertisers

Captify this week announced the launch of TV Search Lift, a proprietary TV study that evaluates the success and outcomes of CTV campaigns using authentic onsite search data.

This offering will bring Captify’s Search Intelligence to the television landscape for the first time, helping brands elevate their CTV campaigns with real-time intent audiences and measure the impact on highly relevant, in-market households.

TV Search Lift enable brands to measure their campaigns based on shifts in consumer behavior, understand changes in brand perception and sentiment inspired by a campaign, and determine the effectiveness of a brand message and how it resonates with target audiences.

As a result, brands will better understand the effects of a CTV campaign on viewer search behavior in real-time.

“In order to understand the impact of CTV campaigns, marketers commonly have to rely on unvalidated and outdated data sources, which can leave knowledge gaps for advertisers,” said Britt Augenfeld, Vice President of Video and Advanced TV at Captify. “With the largest collection of search data outside the walled gardens, Captify’s onsite search data provides a window into consumer true and authentic attitudes towards a brand, its competitors, and the market overall. Now, advertisers can identify consumer interest and purchase intent based on search behaviors, giving them a true measure of campaign impact and success, helping fill those gaps and enabling better CTV outcomes.”

“Our search intent data has long helped brands improve the effectiveness of their digital campaigns,” said Isaac Gerber, Global Director of Commercial Insights at Captify. “Entering the CTV landscape is a natural evolution of our solutions that will offer unprecedented insights for a channel that has so far lacked the precision and measurement of traditional digital campaigns.”

What does this mean for advertisers

Captify’s TV Search Lift offering provides a number of benefits for advertisers, including:

  • Real-time measurement: Advertisers can see the impact of their CTV campaigns on viewer search behavior in real-time. This allows advertisers to make adjustments to their campaigns on the fly to optimize performance.
  • Improved targeting: Captify’s search intent data can be used to target CTV campaigns to consumers who are most likely to be interested in the advertiser’s product or service. This can lead to higher conversion rates and better ROI.
  • Deeper insights: Captify’s TV Search Lift offering provides advertisers with deeper insights into how their CTV campaigns are performing. This information can be used to improve future campaigns and make better marketing decisions overall.

Captify is a search intelligence platform that helps brands reach and engage consumers with personalized advertising and insights. It does this by collecting and analyzing search data from over 6 million websites, 2 billion devices, and 5 languages. This data gives Captify an understanding of consumer intent, which it uses to power its advertising and insights platform.

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