carwow data now available via Liveramp

carwow data now available via Liveramp

Liveramp this week announced that carwow is now using Liveramp’s Safe Haven, where carwow will deliver a data solution to advertisers in the automotive industry. carwow was launched in 2009 and is a marketplace for buying new and nearly new cars, operating in the UK, Germany and Spain.

“Car buying remains typically the second most expensive single purchase in a household, so there will be several potential touch points for the in-market car buyer across a variety of digital platforms while they research to get the confidence that they need.” said Hasan Nergiz, Director of OEM at carwow.

According to Liveramp, automotive advertisers using carwow audiences can reach and influence individuals who both felt favourably about their brand and who were looking to purchase a new car in the near future.

Automotive advertisers can target users who have shown interest in specific makes or models on carwow, as in-market car buyers browse multiple digital channels and publishers throughout the car buying journey. By using only first-party data, prospective customers can be reached across all of their devices seamlessly whilst at the same time overcoming the limitations of traditional cookie-based advertising.

Liveramp says automotive marketing planners and strategists will now be able to accurately benchmark the true effectiveness of campaigns using the measurement capabilities enabled by the LiveRamp Safe Haven environment, by connecting campaign audiences with those who went on to enquire and purchase.

“The automotive industry has faced more challenges than most in recent times, but we see a genuine opportunity for auto brands to benefit from in-market new car buyer data. carwow’s consumer focus and LiveRamp’s connectivity capabilities put the partnership in a unique position to offer unparalleled, people-based insights, optimised audiences and media measurement services. We believe this partnership will go a long way to enhancing the car-buying experience for consumers in an increasingly digitally-focused world,” said Graham Tricker, UK Sales Director at LiveRamp.

LiveRamp continues to forecast growth for 2020. Recently it said there are 35 demand-side platforms (DSPs), and 18 supply-side platforms (SSPs) live or committed to bid on IdentityLink, Liveramp’s identity solution.

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