Celtra Report: Gamified ads and personalized video drive engagement

The report provides advertisers with valuable insights on ad products and creative formats that can maximize audience engagement.

Gamified Ads
Gamified Ads

In today's competitive advertising landscape, capturing user attention is paramount. Celtra, a creative automation platform, addresses this challenge in their latest Creative Insights Report, released this month. The report provides advertisers with valuable insights on ad products and creative formats that can maximize audience engagement.

The report is based on data collected between January 1 and March 31, 2024. Celtra researchers analyzed creative assets, campaign requests, and impressions delivered through their platform. This analysis focused on identifying the most effective ad products and formats for driving user engagement across various industries, ad categories, and delivery mechanisms.

Key Findings

Gamified Ads Lead the Way: The report highlights the effectiveness of gamified ad products. These interactive formats outperform traditional static ads and catalog-style experiences in multiple industries. Gamified ads were found to be particularly successful in driving engagement and exposure within the Retail & E-commerce and Entertainment & Media sectors.

Video Remains King: Video continues to be a dominant advertising format, especially in Telecommunication and Retail & E-commerce. In these industries, video-based ad products achieved in-stream video completion rates at least 10% higher than the benchmark. The report also emphasizes the power of enhanced personalized video ads, which can further boost engagement compared to standard video assets. Dynamic video experiences, where content adjusts based on user data, were found to increase video completion rates by an average of 1.3 times.

Multi-Unit Skins for Desktop Engagement: For desktop advertising, multi-unit skins offer a larger display area, leading to improved click-through rates compared to traditional leaderboard banners (728x90 pixels).

The findings from Celtra's Creative Insights Report offer valuable guidance to advertisers seeking to optimize campaign performance. The emphasis on gamified ads and personalized video reflects the growing importance of interactive and user-centric advertising experiences. As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, the report underscores the need for continuous innovation in ad formats and creative strategies to capture and retain audience attention.

It's important to note that the data analyzed in the report is specific to the Celtra platform and may not be entirely representative of the broader advertising industry. Additionally, the timeframe of the study (Q1 2024) may not capture the most recent trends.

Celtra's Creative Insights Report provides valuable insights for advertisers seeking to maximize campaign engagement in a dynamic advertising environment. The report highlights the effectiveness of gamified ads, personalized video, and multi-unit skins for desktops. As advertisers strive to capture user attention, these findings suggest a growing focus on interactive experiences and user-centric creative strategies.

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