Centro connects Basis by Centro with FreeWheel’s Strata platform

Centro this week announced that it has connected Basis by Centro with FreeWheel’s Strata platform, via a two-way API integration.

Centro says the integration with Strata creates operational advantage for agencies spending millions in digital media on hundreds of vendors every month on behalf of dozens of clients. Basis sends contracts, media activation and delivery data into Strata for billing and reconciliation in real-time, with the information automatically rationalized and formatted. As a result, agencies accelerate client billing and vendor payments.

“Organizations using Strata are well-positioned to protect their bottom line. Agencies gain Basis’s programmatic advertising and digital media capabilities that seamlessly integrate with our financial systems and cross-media stewardship solutions for a holistic view of a client’s entire media plan,” said Joy Baer, general manager, FreeWheel Advertisers. “FreeWheel is putting in action our vision to give customers a wide array of technology choices, deep flexibility and media automation, made possible by our platform’s open architecture.”

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