Collab launches an ad sales unit

Collab announced today they are launching an ad sales unit. Google ad veteran Art Zeidman will head the ad sales unit. Zeidman joins Collab as executive vice president, growth.

Collab is an independent digital content studio that is rated top ten YouTube partner by ComScore. Collab averages nearly seven billion monthly views across YouTube and other platforms.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn on ads for a company that is already one of the largest content creators in the world across the platforms that matter most to consumers. Imagine if HBO or Showtime were to turn on advertising– that’s the equivalent of what we’re doing at Collab. And because we are starting today, we are launching with a solution built to meet the needs of what advertisers care about today: quality, brand safety, exclusivity and massive scale.”

Art Zeidman, VP Growth at Collab

Collab has been working with a small group of the top creators across social platforms for the past six years, emerging as one of YouTube’s top ten partners with 3.8 billion total monthly video views on that platform and an additional three billion across other platforms including Instagram and Facebook (source: ComScore 2018).