Comscore and Kochava partner to enhance measurement of Linear TV campaigns

Comscore and Kochava today announced a new partnership to improve measurement capabilities for linear TV campaigns.

Comscore and Kochava
Comscore and Kochava

Comscore and Kochava today announced a new partnership to improve measurement capabilities for linear TV campaigns.

Linear television remains a powerful tool for reaching large audiences. However, accurately measuring the impact of linear TV ad campaigns on online and offline consumer behavior has been a challenge. Traditionally, marketers have focused on metrics like reach and frequency for linear TV, while digital advertising has been evaluated based on clicks, website visits, and social media engagement.

This new partnership aims to bridge this gap by offering a more comprehensive approach to cross-screen measurement. The solution combines Comscore's Exact Commercial Ratings (ECR) data with Kochava's advanced marketing mix modeling techniques.

ECR Data: Comscore's ECR data provides insights into viewership patterns for linear TV advertising.

Marketing Mix Modeling: Kochava's marketing mix modeling expertise allows for the attribution of various marketing activities, including linear TV ads, to specific consumer behaviors.

This collaboration offers several benefits for marketers:

Deeper Attribution Insights: By combining online and offline data sources, marketers can gain a more complete understanding of how linear TV campaigns influence consumer journeys across different channels. This includes website activity, mobile app engagement (including installs and in-app purchases), and even offline purchase data.

Optimized Ad Spend: With more granular insights into campaign performance, marketers can optimize their media budgets by allocating resources more effectively across linear TV and digital channels.

Performance Measurement for Linear TV: This solution allows marketers to apply a "performance lens" to linear TV advertising, traditionally focused on brand awareness and reach. By measuring real digital outcomes tied to linear TV campaigns, marketers can demonstrate a clearer return on investment (ROI).

The success of this initiative will depend on industry adoption and the development of standardized metrics for cross-screen measurement. As marketers continue to navigate the evolving media landscape, effective measurement solutions that bridge the gap between linear TV and digital advertising will be increasingly important.

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