Comscore unveils Local Market Cross-Platform Ad Measurement Solution

Comscore unveils Local Market Cross-Platform Ad Measurement Solution
Local Market Cross-Platform Ad Measurement Solution

Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR) this week unveiled a major enhancement to its Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR) product. Dubbed Comscore Campaign Ratings Local (CCR Local), the solution seamlessly integrates local market audience measurement, allowing advertisers to execute hyper-targeted cross-platform campaigns.

For the first time, CCR Local bridges national and local ad campaign measurement, covering the top 100 US DMAs (Designated Market Areas), with plans for full coverage of all local markets shortly. Advertisers can now leverage this tool to optimize campaign reach and frequency across linear TV, digital, streaming, and social channels – a crucial capability considering the overwhelming majority of goods are purchased at the local level.

“Comscore has delivered a true cross-platform solution that measures audiences at the hyper-local level, enabling our clients to advertise nationally and optimize locally," said Steve Bagdasarian, Comscore Chief Commercial Officer. “Advertisers need measurement partners who can address the scale of where their audiences are. We’re building enterprise-level cross-platform measurement that offers advertisers the ability to seamlessly measure and optimize against their intended audiences with speed and accuracy, whether it is programmatically, directly, nationally or locally.”

The Trade Desk will be the first demand-side platform to integrate CCR Local, giving its clients access to market-specific insights for highly optimized data-driven campaigns. This proves especially valuable during key periods like major sporting events, entertainment tentpoles, and political cycles where cross-platform measurement is essential.

“The average household has become more crowded with devices and platforms, so marketers need the best data and insights to help ensure the most impactful advertisements,” says Ben Sylvan, VP of Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “Comscore’s new offering has the insights to help our clients make the most out of their media investment, especially for auto advertisers or political campaigns, where success on the local level is key."

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