CTV Advertising outperforms other Digital Channels, new study reveals

CTV Advertising outperforms other Digital Channels, new study reveals

Connected TV (CTV) advertising has emerged as the most effective digital marketing channel, according to a new study from tvScientific. The survey of over 600 marketing professionals found that CTV consistently delivers exceptional results, prompting 23.6% of respondents to plan increased spending on CTV campaigns.

Key Findings:

  • Sales Boost: 65% of advertisers see a significant increase in sales when performance TV (CTV) is integrated alongside other channels such as search and social.
  • Brand Awareness Growth: 68% of respondents report enhanced brand awareness after incorporating performance TV into their marketing mix.
  • Measurable Impact: 62% of respondents find it simple to demonstrate the impact of their TV advertising efforts.

“Finally, we have validation from a large group of marketers of what we have always known – TV is a superior and highly effective medium that can now be connected to business outcomes,” said Jason Fairchild, Co-Founder and CEO of tvScientific. “Marketers are putting their money where their results are, with CTV leading all mediums in terms of planned investment increase for ‘24.”

The $72 billion TV advertising market is rapidly shifting towards programmatic execution, mirroring the evolution of the $200 billion search and social media market. This transformation puts powerful targeting and measurement tools into the hands of marketers. CTV specifically is projected to see 22.4% growth globally in 2024, reaching $25.9 billion.

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