CTV poised for Surge as market embraces programmatic buying

CTV poised for Surge as market embraces programmatic buying
Benefits of CTV Advertising

A new report by ExchangeWire, in association with OpenX, predicts a significant rise in Connected TV (CTV) advertising across Europe. The study, titled "CTV, Targeting, and Sustainability - Europe 2023-2024," reveals key trends shaping the European digital media landscape, with a focus on CTV, targeting strategies, and sustainability efforts.

Key findings:

  • CTV adoption on the rise: A majority of respondents anticipate at least 40% of their campaigns running on CTV within the next two years. This surge is attributed to factors like increased attention spans on CTV platforms and the availability of premium inventory.
  • Programmatic buying gaining traction: Two-thirds of brands and agencies are leveraging programmatic CTV buys, utilizing both managed service providers and self-service platforms. This shift reflects the growing comfort with programmatic strategies in the CTV space.
  • Third-party cookie reliance declining: As the industry prepares for the deprecation of third-party cookies, reliance on them is decreasing. The report highlights the rise of probabilistic identity graphs as an alternative solution, particularly in European markets.
  • Sustainability becoming a priority: The report emphasizes the growing importance of sustainability in the advertising industry. Notably, 75% of marketers now consider sustainability metrics a top priority, compared to 43% last year.

Only 3% of media buyers solely advertise on traditional linear TV, showcasing the significant shift towards CTV. The full report can be accessed here.

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