DeepL launches AI writing assistant, DeepL Write Pro, for businesses

DeepL launches AI writing assistant, DeepL Write Pro, for businesses

DeepL, a leader in Language AI, this week announced the launch of DeepL Write Pro, a new AI writing assistant specifically designed for businesses. This marks a significant development for DeepL, as it represents their first product built on their own Large Language Model (LLM) technology.

DeepL Write Pro distinguishes itself from other writing tools by offering more than just grammar correction or auto-complete suggestions. According to DeepL, the new tool acts as a creative collaborator, providing real-time suggestions on phrasing, style, and tone while understanding the broader context of a business communication. This approach aims to elevate text while preserving the writer's unique voice.

Boosting Communication and security for enterprises

DeepL Write Pro is designed to address the needs of businesses of all sizes. The tool offers features like:

  • AI-powered suggestions: Real-time recommendations on word choice, phrasing, style, and tone to enhance clarity and impact.
  • Customization options: LLM-powered features allow users to adjust the style (Business, Academic, Simple, Casual) and tone (Friendly, Diplomatic, Confident, Enthusiastic) of their writing to suit the audience and situation.
  • Enterprise-grade security: DeepL acknowledges the security concerns surrounding generative AI tools. DeepL Write Pro offers features like TLS encryption and text deletion to ensure data privacy. This is particularly relevant considering a recent Cisco study which found that most organizations limit generative AI use due to privacy worries.

DeepL cites industry research suggesting that poor writing costs businesses billions of dollars annually. DeepL Write Pro aims to address this by helping businesses improve communication clarity and efficiency. The tool is available in English and German, with plans to expand to additional languages in the future.

DeepL vs. Tech Giants: focus on security and accuracy

DeepL positions itself as an alternative to solutions offered by larger tech companies. They emphasize their commitment to:

  • Advanced AI research: DeepL highlights its focus on in-house research and development for its AI models.
  • High-quality data training: DeepL trains its AI models on curated data sets obtained through specialized web crawls.
  • Human expertise: DeepL incorporates the expertise of human editors to ensure the accuracy of its products.
  • Data security: DeepL maintains ownership of its entire technology stack and guarantees maximum data security for its customers.

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