Deezer creates a Shows tab with podcasts and radio content

Deezer this week integrated non-music audio content from podcasts and radio. The podcasts are available in a new tab called “Shows”. Deezer says “Shows” is a new feature that can be found on the main tab bar and helps audio fans discover podcasts, radio, and specialized talk content.

Deezer “Shows” features over 15 custom channels that cover topics like comedy, society & culture, fiction, music podcasts, and education. Users can find sub-categories and niche subjects like self-help, parenthood, podcasts for kids, inspirational women, entrepreneurs, and testimonials. Categories are sorted by topic and users can browse the library by swiping left to right.

“Shows” also include new Deezer Originals, local podcasts made just for Deezer users ranging from “Rap ist Kampfsport” in Germany to “L’Heure de Gloire” in France and “Stereo Falante” in Brazil. Radio fans can also find stations from around the world including the US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Fans can also discover personal recommendations under “Podcasts for you.” Based on the listening history and preferences, “Shows” can make personalized recommendations, similar to Deezer’s curated music content.

The “Shows” tab also gives all paying and non-paying subscribers the flexibility to add any content directly to their personal library. All users can download their favorite podcast episodes to make listening more convenient.

“As much as we all love music, there are times when we just want to hear a funny podcast or binge on a crime series. Now our ‘Shows’ feature makes it easier than ever for our users to find the content they love. We provide the best local and global podcasts, fresh original productions, and radio channels tailored for our users, ” said Frederic Antelme, VP Content, and Productions, Deezer.

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